01.Passed Taiwan HACCP Evaluation (2006 - today)

02.Won Taiwan Sixth New Career Award (2007)

03.Won Taichung City Good Food Hygiene Award (2007)

04.Japn NHK Television exclusive interview and report (2007)

05.Passed Taiwan SBIR Business Innovation Research program (2008)

06.Continued awarding ISO22000 HACCP International Food Safety Management System Evaluation (2008 - today)

07.China corporate image development association's "famous brand login and recommend” (2009)

08.Awarded Taiwan Consumer Association's first brand certificate (2009)

09.Passed Taipei Consumer Business Association's excellent electronic store certificate (2009)

10.Won Taiwan industrial innovation award (2009)

11.Awarded the second "Branding Taipei" good corporate brand (2010)

12.MissCare won Taiwan Merit Plan Innovative Service award (2010)

13.Assigned by Taichung City Health Bureau to co-organize press conference of "Mommy breastfeeding " event (2010)

14.Won Korean Sixth International Food Health Competition (Korea Jewel cup) Gold group award (2010)

15.Eight TV Integrated TV program's exclusive interview and record (2010)

16.Public Television Cultural Service Foundation television interview reported (2011)

17.Representative enterprise of the Taiwan health care industry alliances (2011)

18.Won the Taichung City Government issued "eat at ease" authentication system medal (2011)

19.LYP production Limited TVBS television exclusive interview and report (2011)

20.Taiwan Consumer Protection inspected 32 vendors, ZJT was one of the two qualified confinement meals companies (2011)

21.Won first place in the National Food Innovation Research through industry-university collaboration with the University of Kaohsiung Hospitality (2011)

22.Passed Taiwan health care industry's plan of "Ageing and health dietary convenient service" (2012)

23.Won 2012 Singapore International Chinese Mikuriya tournament championship special gold medal (2012)

24.Won 2012 Taiwan "Dietary meal” recommend industrial representative (2012)

25.Won 2012 Chinese Gourmet Festival International Food Fair "Chinese Famous Feast” Certificate (2012)

26.Won 2012 Taipei rice noodle champion (2012)

27.Won "Mom Baby” Women and Children Best Quality Award (2007 - 2013)

28.Won 2013 National Quality Gold Medal by Good Manufactures Association (2013)

29.Won 2013 Hong Kong International Culinary Award, live afternoon tea challenge Bronze Medal (2013)

30.Central Kitchen HACCP evaluation awarded for highest level "A-class” scores glory (2013 – present)

31.Invited by Era Television-"Found New Taiwan"program recorded interview (2014)

32.Won the 10th international food and health organizations Competition hosted in Sri Lanka Gold Medal and the World of Chinese Food Diet Master glory (2014)

33.Awarded first GHP excellent fine dining gourmet-cum-chef by Ministry of Health as representative of Taichung vendors (2014)

34.Nominated by Taipei Industry Association to be "2014 Taipei good industrial manufacturer" (2014)

35.Taiwan Zi Jin Tang company’s “10 Grains Golden Crisp” won the top ten Souvenir awards for both sides of the straits. (2015)

36.“Zi Jin postpartum beneficial water” passed "SNQ National Quality Mark " certification (2015)