Warming Tea 紫金暖暖茶

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80 ml per sachet / 7 sachets per box 【1盒7包】

Ingredients: ginger slices, black dates, red dates, longan pulps, brown sugar, wolfberry, white fungus


Suitable for anyone who 适用对象:

is looking for general nourishment 一般人皆可食用

is afraid of cold, experience cold limbs during winter 一般手脚冰冷者, 冬天怕冷

feels weak and tired easily 一般体弱者,滋补强身

who works long hours in air-conditioned room 一般待冷气房的上班族

who experiences menstrual cramps or discomfort 一般经前症候群或经期不顺者

has just given birth, drink during postpartum period 一般产后妈妈月子期间服用

*Not suitable during pregnancy as it can be too ‘heaty’ 孕妇不宜(因为比较燥热)

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