Concentrated Bird's Nest with Imperial Red Jujube Tea Gift Pack 浓缩洞燕+极品红枣茶礼品盒

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Concentrated Bird's Nest with Imperial Red Jujube Tea Gift Pack 浓缩洞燕+极品红枣茶礼品盒

Concentrated Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar 浓缩冰糖洞燕- 150g per bottle

Concentrate are specially prepared from superior quality cave bird's nest, which is rich and thick in its texture. With egg-like aroma, pleasant taste and packed with collagen, the products have been vacuum treated and does not contain any preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring. It is the best rejuvenating supplement for people of all ages, especially for pregnant and postpartum women.

极品浓缩燕窝采用上等珍品官燕燕窝精制而成,口感浓郁,层次丰富。本品满溢蛋香及美好滋味。以真空包装,不含任何防腐剂、色素及香料。可直接饮用。适合男女老少饮用, 特别是在孕期和产后滋补。

Imperial Red Jujube Tea 极品红枣茶 - 150 ml per sachet x2

Suitable for women of all ages, especially during prenatal, postpartum and menstruation period. Helps to tonify and to nourish the Qi and the blood. Consume regularly to preserve youthfulness and prevent premature ageing.


Gift Set suggested servings : 2

Once in the morning and once before bed.

Serve warm: Place 1 sachet of Imperial Red Jujube tea, unopened, in hot water for about 5 minutes. Scope 75g (half of the bottle) of concentrated bird’s nest into a bowl, pour the warm tea over the bird’s nest and mix well. Serve. Once opened, keep the bird’s nest in the fridge and consume within 12 hours.



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