15-Day Miscarriage Recovery Package + Imperial Red Jujube Tea 15天小产调理套餐 + 极品红枣茶

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15-day regimen, 2 meals per day. Adopts progressive conditioning, supplements nutrition to restore physical strength and health. Strengthens the endometrium, assists in wound healing and hormonal balance.

15天方案 一天两餐。以温和进补、补充营养及元气, 加强子宫膜恢复、帮助伤口愈合及调节荷尔蒙。

Includes 包括:

Exclusive Concentrated Soups 浓缩药膳汤包 (200 ml) x 30 packs/包

Glutinous Rice Water 月子水 (200 ml) x 30 packs/包

Imperial Red Jujube Tea 极品红枣茶 (150 ml) x 30 packs/包

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