Special Care after Miscarriage

Sufficient Rest
Ensure adequate bed rest and sleep
Do not stand or walk for too long.
Do not carry heavy things.
No strenuous exercise.


Daily Lives
Keep warm
Stay away from cold areas
Do not touch cold water

Feminine Hygiene
Replaces sanitary pad regularly
Wear breathable cotton underwear
No douching

Avoid Infection
No shared bath, swimming, spa

Irregular Menstruation
Any irregularities in menstruation such as excessive bleeding or abnormal pain, require immediate medical advice and treatment.

After miscarriage, strictly no alcohol, ginseng, ice water, coffee, spicy and fried food.
Do not eat cold-natured food, fruits and vegetables, such as melons, citrus fruits like orange and kiwi, dairy products and peanuts and etc.

Medical Consultation
See a doctor once you experience any fever, chills and physical weakness after miscarriage.


No Sex
Avoid sexual intercourse to prevent getting pregnant for at least the first 3 months after the miscarriage.