​One Soup Per Meal, 23 Different Flavours


'CONFINEMENT PERIOD' which usually lasts for a month, is a traditional practice of postpartum care given to a new mother after the birth of a baby. Many cultures in Asia believe that immediately following childbirth, significant amount of energy is expended and blood is lost; resulting in a weak body constitution which requires immediate replenishment.

Make use of this short window of opportunity to achieve complete recovery with The RIGHT DIET so that you can revert to your pre-pregnancy state in the shortest possible time. Failing to do so, you may experience a long list of post-partum health issues and many of these ailments persist many years after.



Adhering to the TCM belief of 'Food is the Best Remedy', Taste for Life has selected 23 Confinement soup recipes for various body constitutions based on the experience and feedback of 100,000 customers; and created the 3-Stage Progressive Recovery meals according to the principle of "Metabolism, Repair and Nourishment", to assist new mothers with their postpartum recovery and conditioning.


  • This stage aims to revitalize the internal organs of the body.

  • Removes unwanted residual substances within the womb.

  • Eliminates water retention in the body.

  • Encourages scar healing formed during process of giving birth.

  • Strengthens the function of the internal organs such as kidney, liver and womb.

  • Soups used at this stage are more subtle and gentle to facilitate effective absorption of nutrients.


  • This stage aims to revitalize the internal and external muscle groups of the body because extensive amount of energy had been used to ‘carry’ the baby in the womb and during child birth, specifically the spine, hips and joints.

  • Eliminate associated aches and pains.

  • Restore hormonal balance during lactation to ensure sufficient milk production.

  • Assist in ‘shrinking’ the womb.


  • This stage aims to intensely restore and revitalize the entire body system.

  • Ingredients containing high contents of collagen for conditioning which helps to slow down aging process, retain youth and beauty  

  • Contains vitamin E and B to assist uterus contraction back to pre-natal state.

  • Dispel any ‘wind’ element in the body system.

  • Nourish the blood, ‘Qi’ and strengthen the bone.

  • Increase immunity and reinforce vital energy.

DIY Confinement Meal Packages

10-Day Basic Plan Package



- Exclusive Concentrated Soups x 30 packs

- Glutinous Rice Water x 30 packs



30-Day Basic Plan Package



- Exclusive Concentrated Soups x 90 packs

- Glutinous Rice Water x 90 packs



30-Day Complete Plan Package



- Exclusive Concentrated Soups x 90 packs

- Glutinous Rice Water x 90 packs

-  Warm Red Dates Tea x 30 packs

-  Thirst Quenching Tea x 30 packs

-  Youth Preserving Tea x 30 packs


3 Simple Steps | Only 5-10 Minutes

Natural, Nourishing and Nutritious!

Just add in your favourite meat or fish, vegetables and enjoy with rice or noodle to complete your meal!

1. Prepare soup pack, glutinous  rice water and fresh ingredients.

2. Add soup pack and glutinous rice water (200 ml each). Bring to boil.

4. Once boiling, cover and increase to medium heat for a further 3-5 mins.

3. Lower heat, add fresh ingredients and bring to a boil again.

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